EZSolar Solar Powered LED Black Pathway Light (10-Pack)


This set of 10 EZSolar outdoor solar square bollards provides economical and energy-efficient lighting to your outdoor walkways. Simply place lights in the ground, where they will receive full sunlight. No wiring is required, offering design flexibility for your landscape. Durable plastic construction with black finish Weather resistant for outdoor installation Solar energy recharges battery (1-150 mAh AA nickel cadmium battery included for each light) A day of average sunlight provides up to 8 hours of nighttime illumination LEDs deliver 4600-5600K light, with 1 Lumen output Great performance even on cloudy day

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- Reviews EZSolar Solar Powered LED Black Pathway Light (10-Pack) Great Price


  I'm glad I bought this walkway and path light. I feel like using it to work and social occasions. And of course, I love the walkway and path light! A well designed function that does not add volume. 2 words:


  My girlfriend has had her eye on this walkway and path light for a long time and her birthday just arrived, so I decided to get it as a gift. She loves it! It's the perfect! It fits everything and fits anywhere. Great walkway and path light for quality.


I love this walkway and path light! The EZSolar Solar Powered LED Black Pathway Light (10-Pack) is nice. This seems much more expensive than it is. I have this as a gift for my girlfriend and she absolutely loves it and I am very happy to see her happy. highly recommended!  

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